Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Palin Sure Is Full Of Herself

To say that Sarah Palin is self-absorbed is about like saying that water is wet or that Mama Grizzly's are furry. For Palin, it's always "all about me". Therefore, it is unsurprising that, in the aftermath of the massacre in Arizona, Palin would assume that all of this happened just to make her look bad and thus the need for her lame jeremiads and swipes at the "lame stream media".

Her asinine "blood libel" comment is just an example of her planet-sized ego. To anyone with a brain, a clue, or a conscience, it would not even occur to compare some minor kerfuffle to the suffering of millions over centuries, mainly at the hands of her christian brethren. However, in Palin's mind, her ridiculously mild brush with criticism is an earth-shattering affront to her unbridled ambitions. Her speech writers probably also saw it as an opportunity to inappropriately begin the rhetoric of violence anew, just by making reference to such events. One will note, if one listens at all to her comments, that she claimed that holding her responsible for putting crosshairs on Giffords picture could potentially lead to more violence.

I'm afraid that cosmic justice usually ain't that condign, sweetums, though you would certainly deserve to be paid back in kind for the beast that you helped to release.

Palin is certainly behaving like someone who has a guilty mind. Who else would go into full panic mode and hide out for four days, while sending out damage control teams to fight her battles by proxy.

I'm afraid that she takes Diva to a whole new level, at least politically speaking. That may be the only thing she has to contribute to American politics.

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