Sunday, March 13, 2011

In japanese "it is difficult" means "no effin way"

Just in case people haven't picked up on this, in Japanese culture and etiquette, they avoid saying that no or declaring that something is impossible. Instead they often use the euphemism "it is difficult". Therefore, when the prime minister says the situation there is "extreme difficult", what he is really saying is that it is effed up beyond belief and that they have no clue how to fix it. Take the two nuclear reactors that are melting down. They keep making these excuses that say things like , "gosh we can't be sure that the core has really melted, because we haven't been able to look inside and see". Well no kidding. But would we really accept this kind of idiotically evasive answer from anyone in our own country if a reactor near us had its cooling equipment explode and emergency efforts looked partially effective at best. There is absolutely no chance that some melting of the rods has not occurred. Cesium monitoring stations are reporting high levels of radioactivity. Let's not try to sugar coat this or hide behind the smokescreen of uncertainty that always exists in any emergency. Minimizing the situation will not change it or prevent the facts from coming to light in the not-at-all distant future anway..

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