Friday, April 15, 2011

Republican equals Gadaffi Loyalist

You might be wondering what kind of people could possibly support Moammar Gadaffi. They certainly have to be extremely ignorant and/or willfully misinformed about reality. They have to have a sociopathic antipathy toward their fellow countrymen who disagree with them on matters of politics or religion. They have to see violence and the use of firearms as the primary means to settle arguments. Also they must be willing to sell their souls to a very rich madman in the hope that their service to his whims will line their pockets and win his fickle favor. In short, they have to be exactly like the average tea party republican in the United States, who slavishly defend the agendas of the ultra-rich even when it ends up costing themselves dearly in the pocketbook.

Lest you protest overmuch about the comparison consider the following. Many tea partiers including Bachmann and Palin constantly use gun-based metaphors in reference to their opponents in the right-wing culture war. A number of even more extreme individuals, such as failed candidate Sharon Angle, and state and federal republican representatives have spoken favorably about the virtues of an armed uprising against our government. However, make no mistake, republicans are not revolutionaries. They want to revert things to how they used to be several hundred years ago, with slavery, theocracy, and aristocracy all restored to its former glory. They are obsessed with guns, not for defense, but to stage a takeover of democracy and to replace it with rule by the rich and in the interests of the corporations they own.

Gadaffi feels the same way about his country. He is in it for the money and the power, just like republicans such as Sarah Palin, who is forever trying to cash in on her waning celebrity status.

Like Gadaffi, republicans don't care what they have to do in order to obtain money and power. They are now gleefully sabotaging the economy, slashing medicare, and subsidies to help poor people buy heating oil. This is not done by people with a social conscience, much like pro-Gadaffi factions who cluster bomb cities and bombard their countrymen with heavy artillery.

I know that, in the right-wing echo chamber everything comes out reversed, but they can hardly claim that peacenik leftists would be shelling their neighbors with cluster munitions. They can hardly claim that those commie, pinko, socialists would be servants of the ultrawealthy. They certainly can't claim that liberals would be opposed to big government programs to assist the poor and elderly. By the increasingly binary logic that is American politics today, that leaves only the republican as the servants of the wealthy, the weapons merchants, and the slashers of social programs to assist the poor.

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